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The HADI direct reading measurement system is capable of meeting the portability, sensitivity, and stability demands for both lab and field use. Morehouse is pleased to present a cost effective “true” 6-wire sensing solution.  

Morehouse HADI

The Morehouse "High Accuracy Digital Indicator" (HADI) is one of our latest efforts to provide best of breed products & services to force/torque measurement processes.

This six-wire sensing Analog-to-Digital USB converter offers the use of our Morehouse direct reading software, with multiple load cell configurations, longer cables, and lower uncertainty.

Non-Linearity <0.002 % of full scale, +/- 20 bit system, with 172 A/D conversions per second. Direct Reading according to ASTM E74, E2428, and ISO 376. Coefficients from fitted curves are used to convert mV/V to Engineering Units; lbf, kgf, & Newtons

  • A true 6 wire sensing USB device

  • ASTM CLASS A Lower Limits better than 2% when paired with Morehouse Ultra Precision Load Cells.

  • System is fully USB powered,  eliminating excess power cables.

  • Direct Reading according to ASTM-E74,  E2428, and ISO 376

  • For calibration of load cells, testing machines, and other force or torque systems.

     Note: Morehouse HADI systems requires a computer