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With the Morehouse Portable Calibrator, you can benefit from a laboratory-grade force calibration system in the field. Quick-change tension adapters, quick-adjust calibration height, and quick setup will save your valuable time in the field; while the calibrator provides precision force measurements.

Morehouse Portable Calibrator

Morehouse Portable Calibrator was designed with field calibration requirements in mind, and with the goal of providing all necessary force calibration tools in a portable package. This calibrator gives you accurate and stable force measurements in a robust and low-maintenance design. The system is equipped with several time-saving features that enable a quality force calibration where portability and time are of critical importance. Additionally, with Morehouse continuous support, you can expand the capabilities of this system to accommodate a wider range of force sensors such as shear web load cells, S-type load cells, force gauges, button load cells, beam load cells, etc.


Morehouse Portable Calibrator features:

·         Available capacities: up to 2000 lbf

·         Tension and compression calibrations in one setup

·         Fine adjustment of the calibration load

·         Quick-Change Tension Member system to use a variety of tension adapters

·         Quick calibration height adjustment

·         Quick reference standard change capabilities

·         Capable of measuring forces as low as 0.005 lbf based on the resolution of the reference standard used

·         Low-maintenance, manual operation system

* Example: If the calibrating machine is equipped with a 1000 lbf standard reference load cell with 2.0 mV/V rated output, the control capability of the machine would be ±0.01 lbf or ± 0.00002 mV/V.

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